Psychic Readers:


Elizabeth MoonRaven ~ Intuitive Tarot/ Channeler

Elizabeth uses the tarot to assist those seekers in finding their own Sacred Path. Whether it is about your past, present or future, she can help you find the answer to questions that will help you understand where you are on your soul’s journey & find answers to questions about relationships, true vocation & spirit guides. Available Sat


Rhonda Morningstar ~ Tarot

Rhonda is a Minister of Metaphysics. She does spiritual counseling, healing work, past life regressions & of course, reads tarot cards. She has been an intuitive her entire life & uses this intuition to help others to sort through their issues & to help them to empower themselves. Available Sat


Carol Swanson ~ Professional Reader

As a clairvoyant-medium Carol conveys the wisdom from your higher self/soul to help you understand your current life circumstances. Carol’s skills can handle any question you may have in all areas of your life on both practical & spiritual levels, as well as past lives & spiritual guides & pets. Her readings carry the Egyptian signature of Cartouche & offers reliable time frames for upcoming changes to help you navigate along life’s journey. Available Sat


Patti Kittnar ~ Clairvoyant/Medium/Tarot

Patti is a medium who can connect you with deceased loved ones & in addition has skills in the areas of numerology / astrology & tarot. Patti is able to combine these different modalities to provide you with new perspectives on your life issues & the possibilities that may await you. Patti is also certified as a national spiritualist teacher & minister. Available Sat


George Kittnar ~ Clairvoyant / Psychometry

George is a clairvoyant who also utilizes psychometry. During which an article that is theirs exclusively will have a reading off of it. His readings deal with an individuals’ personal realm involving career, family and friends and any future entities that may enter the realm. George’s intuition is the product of his Spirit Guides and their whispers. Available Sat


Dawn Hohlfeld ~ Clairvoyant/ Medium/Psychometry

Dawn uses her clairvoyant skills to connect with spirit guides & then channels the information that will help you address your concerns. She also incorporates playing cards (Cartomancy) as a visual tool to help tell your story & where you are on your life path. Available Sat


DeEtte Ranae ~ Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive

She uses her abilities as a psychic to connect with you & assist with situations in your current life, giving you guidance for future events. Through this she can do life path readings. As a medium DeEtte Ranae connects with your loved ones that have passed, giving voice to spirit she adds both client & spirit in healing. She is also a teacher of psychic & mediumship development. Available Sat



Mary Summerbell ~ Tarot 

As poet & artist Mary blends the wisdoms of life experience & intuition in creative interpretation of the tarot. Her focus is to assist you in exploring new options for changing old emotions, attitudes & behavior patterns. She helps you find new directions of spiritual development that can empower you to heal personal & relationship issues. Available Sun


Valerie Marie ~ Clairvoyant / Pet Psychic

Valerie has been intuitive since she was a small child, but it took a stroke in her 30’s to help her appreciate her full ability & begin using it to help others. She connects with your past, present & future while working with you. In addition she is able to read auras & call on spirit guides to give further clarity to your reading. Valerie has affectionately become known as “The Junk Lady” to those who have had the opportunity to experience her unique readings. She uses found objects, as her main tool, to intuitively guide & heal. Valerie is also able to talk to animals & can help bring you closer to your pet.  Available Sun



Romaine Rae ~ Intuitive Tarot 

Romaine utilizes her intuitive skills to assist the client in exploring an issue or topic of interest in order to achieve a better understanding. She can also help you connect with and receive information from one who has crossed over. Available Sun


Johnathan Woods ~ Clairvoyant / Medium

Johnathan uses Scrying, Runes and Tarot to offer a clearer vision to your life situations. He also can use his gifts to contact those who have passed on to offer comfort and closure. Available Sun


Liza Webb ~ Face Reading

Liza is a professionally trained intuit with 19 years experience in the Ancient System of Face Reading. Similar to Palm Reading, lines on the face uncover energetic life patterns. Anatomy of the face reveals your personality. Reading the face answers questions about characteristics, compatibility in relationships & more. Liza enjoys reading couples together. Unearth traits of a friend or partner. So sign up with someone else to better understand each other or get a private reading where Liza blends intuition & face readings to enhance your life choices. Available Sun


Suzan Houston ~ Clairvoyant/Clairsentient-Akashic Intuitive Readings

Suzan is a Clairvoyant / Clairsentient & intuitively facilitates healing using a combination of her own system as she tunes in to your oversoul, which is a vehicle for your soul here on Earth. She connects to your main guide who works directly with you to assist in achieving your soul’s purpose. In this reading she can tune into your Akashic records (past life information) & answer questions relating to your present situation. The Akashic Records are called the “Book of God Remembrance”, a spiritual place where the records of your life are kept. A reading can reveal possibilities for your highest potential & guidance in relationships or other life issues. Available Sun


Appointments suggested but not necessary.


July 14 & 15, 10-5

(Cash preferred)