Bio-Mat Therapy:

Get tuned up and energized with a Bio-Mat Therapy session.

What is a Bio-Mat? A “mat” that is an FDA approved Medical device
which combines Far Infrared, negative ions and crystals for home
and professional use. It converts electricity through a computerized
control panel into Far Infrared Rays, Nature’s invisible light.
The Bio-Mat also produces Negative Ions, nature’s energizer,
which deliver a molecular level massage. These two components
are transferred through 29 ponds of Amethyst Quartz which cover
the entire Bio-Mats surface. Amethyst is nature’s super conductor,
scientifically found to offer the steadiest, most powerful delivery of healthy
far infrared light waves. The Bio-Mat delivers soothing, deep-penetrating heat
while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body.
It’s a safe and natural way to achieve optimal health now and
maintain a stronger, more resilient body in the future.

Karen Kent
Hypnosis & Wellness Training Center
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20 S. Main St., Ste: 29
Janesville, WI 53545