Diffusers, jewelry and car charms to use with your favorite Essential Oil or fragrance oil. As well as assorted base oils and bottles to mix up that special recipe.

  • Diffusers: Several different options and sizes of both mist and dry diffusers along with tea-light Aromapots.
  • Essential Oils: High quality Essential Oils for all of your wellness needs.
  • Perfumes & Scented Oils: Several naturally fragranced, alcohol free, long lasting perfumes and scented oils. You’re sure to find one you love!
  • Ritual Oils: We have a plethora of oils and blends for all your ritual needs.
  • Incense: Cones, sticks, powder and resin incense in several different scents, as well as the highest quality Japanese incense. Loose Sage, assorted sage bundles for clearing your home and office. Assorted cone and stick burners, shells and smudge feathers.
  • Candles: A variety of colorful, naturally scented, slow burning, no drip, and Reiki & Chakra candles.
  • Bath & Body: Lotions, sprays, oils, bath salts, and hand crafted soaps of high quality, natural ingredients.